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I have been working with glass and light for over thirty years. As a visual artist I am involved with color, line, texture, imagery and pattern, but I am equally involved with ideas and information. Most of my work is research-based glass collage, fabricated in a variety of ways.

Since the mid-1980s I've been focusing on public art. Before that I had been creating autonomous panels and showing in galleries throughout the northeast. The public art projects have given me the opportunity to create on a larger scale and for a broader audience. I've been able to take my own interest in the world around us and interweave it with studies of place and the passage of time. All of the work has been site specific, designed for a particular place at a particular moment.

I include the projects for religious institutions in this body of work, as they too have taken me into worlds that I previously knew little or nothing about.

For the past few years I have been working on windscreens for transit stations in Salt Lake City, UT, Denver to Golden, CO, and Charlotte, NC. These are all outdoor projects, located on train and streetcar platforms. In each case, I've done intense research into what makes a neighborhood unique, so that the art truly reflects the history, cultural diversity and overall spirit of the people who use the station.

I still do occasional residential work and independent pieces. I bring the same approach to pretty much everything I do, so that the work is always complex and intriguing, hopefully beautiful, and holds peoples' interest over time.

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