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Lobby archway
Florida Dept. of Revenue, Tallahassee, FL

Copyright © 1998 Nancy Gutkin O'Neil
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Florida Dept. of Revenue, Tallahassee, FL
Art in State Buildings Program

This is a busy office building with two separate entry lobbies connected by a hallway. I decided that I wanted to treat both the employee entrance and the public entrance. At each site I defined a stained glass archway within the window wall. Compositionally the two arches are related but they have distinct subject matter. You can stand in the hallway and look at one, and then turn around and look at the other.

The larger of the two arches is at the public, or main entrance. It is 2'w x 22'h x 32' across x 1/2"d. The design is a lively collage of sandblasted leaves of local species of trees, silk-screened pinecones, magnolias, and iconic Florida creatures. All of these elements are against a super-graphic background drawing. The drawing is by the late Dr. Calvin Jones, former State Archaeologist, and features a figure from an embossed copper breastplate found at nearby Jackson Mounds.

The arch at the employee entrance is 2'w x 8'h x 10' across x 1/2" d. It is visually more dense than the larger arch, since it can all be viewed from up close. It features sandblasted local leaves, silk-screened border motifs with historical themes, and photos from the collection of the Florida State Archives, all against an 1800s bird's-eye view map of Florida from the Map Room at the Archives.