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"Wonder Doors" at SeDoMoCha Elementary School in Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Copyright © 2008 Nancy Gutkin O'Neil
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"Wonder Doors" at SeDoMoCha Elementary School in Dover-Foxcroft, ME

This is a piece about wonder and mystery. It consists of fifteen panels, each 16"x16"x1/2". The panels are designed to look like fragments of doors. Each one has a suggestion of a door frame on the left and top, complete with address number and a fired in picture of a keyhole plate. The idea is that these are magical doors that lead to new worlds. Within each panel is imagery ranging from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to DNA molecules, undecipherable glyphs, computer imagery, and amazing plants and animals.

The address numbers are all answers to questions, some of which were provided by the teachers in the school. The illustrations of the Seven Wonders are all very old. Six were done by Ferdinand Knab. The Colossus of Rhodes is by Georg Balthasar Probst.

The panels are installed against the existing glass in an interior wall between the library and the hallway. Total cost, $17,000.

Project photos by Nancy and Jim O'Neil