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Fairpark Convergence

TRAX Light Rail Station
Salt Lake City, Utah


In 2010 I was selected to design and fabricate two windscreens for the Salt Lake City TRAX light rail system's Fairpark Station, part of the new line from downtown to the airport.

Each windscreen is 69”h x 16’w x ½”d. They are made of tempered and laminated float glass with fired in pigments.

At the Fairpark Station several different elements come together: the Jordan River, the Utah State Fairpark, North Temple, and a community with people from all over the world. My windscreens are collages with imagery from all of these facets of the local neighborhood.

One design has a local geology map for the background; Kent D. Brown, Utah Geological Survey, assisted me with the map graphics. The other has the Key page from the 1911 Sanborn Fire Insurance map of the area, from the Marriott Library. The geology map windscreen has birds and fish from the Jordan River ecosystem. Both designs have handwritten Minutes from an 1856 Book of Records of the Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society (courtesy History Research Center at the Utah State Historical Society), and both have textile patterns from the home countries of Fairpark area residents.

Fabrication was with the Franz Mayer Studio of Munich, Germany.

Photos by Kent Brown and Jim O’Neil