Projects 2020-2000 > Projects in Schools

I have done numerous projects in schools, primarily through the Maine Percent for Art Program. These images are just a sampling.

The school projects are a favorite of mine because they give children the opportunity to live with art on a daily basis. In Maine, schools also serve as gathering spaces for entire communities, and these projects enrich a lot of lives.

Most of the school project designs fall into three categories:
1. Pieces about the passage of time in a particular area -- these generally contain historic photos and other materials, local flora and fauna, geographic/archaeologic information.
2. Pieces about intriguing/enigmatic material -- cross-cultural glyphs, mysterious microscopic or astronomical imagery, symbols of exploration.
3. Glass block installations -- very tactile, embossed handprints and other stampings, inlaid glass drawings, motifs. We make our blocks from molten crystal or colored glass, poured into custom molds. They are annealed and then assembled into panels with a special glass epoxy.