Projects 2000-Present > Jewish Community Chapel Windows. Bangor, ME

Jewish Community Chapel, Bangor, ME.

1997 - 2017

Members of several Jewish congregations in the Bangor area came together to create a Funeral Chapel for their community. I was commissioned to design a series of windows, which were fabricated over a twenty year period. All of the windows are meant to give solace and comfort, while drawing from Jewish legends.

The windows are each 36” x 36” x ½”. They are made out of mouth-blown stained glass, with handpainted and fired imagery, and sandblasting.

I worked closely with Rabbi Isaacs of Temple Beth Abraham to come up with appropriate imagery for these panels. I wanted the designs to show people that they are not alone, and also to recognize and honor their loss.

The windows each feature a handpainted and fired illustration, along with foliage associated with Israel, meaningful text, and a border of starry night sky. They are set deeply into the window wall, which adds to their drama.

Photos by Jon Bonjour and Jim O’Neil