Projects 2000-Present > "However far the stream flows it never forgets its source." (Yoruba Proverb). Oxon Hill Library, Oxon Hill, MD

“However far the stream flows it never forgets its source.” (Yoruba Proverb)

Oxon Hill Branch Library
Oxon Hill, MD
Prince George's County AIPP Project

2006, 2007

The Oxon Hill Branch Library houses the Sojourner Truth Collection Room. This is one of the two largest Black history research collections in Maryland.

My project consists of six art glass panels installed in the two library corridors. Each panel is 4' x 6' x 5/8". They are glowing and colorful, filled with imagery that is both historic and evocative. The project was done in stages.

The designs are research-based collages. The committee selected the themes for the artwork. I worked with various state and local agencies and libraries to gather my material. My designs are informed by a sense of history and continuity. Each panel includes a wavy, two tone blue element, symbolizing water as a connection to the past.

The panels are designed to be viewed from both sides so that people entering and exiting the library may enjoy them. They are made out of tempered and laminated float glass, with fired pigments. Fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc.

Project photos by Howard Ehrenfeld (2006); Jim and Nancy O'Neil (2007)