Projects 2000-Present > Dept.of Conservation. Augusta, ME

Transom Windows

Williams Building, Maine Dept. of Conservation
Augusta, ME
Percent for Art


This building site is the renovated former Augusta Mental Health Institute. The transoms were part of the original architecture.

The 25 transom panels are each 15"x36"x1/2". They are installed above the doors to the offices in the Dept. of Geology and the Dept. of Natural Areas and Land Use. They are made out of stained glass that has been handpainted and photo-silkscreened, and sandblasted.

I did a lot of research for this project, and worked closely with the people who work for the Dept. of Conservation. The imagery includes historic lithographs showing geologists at work, maps, charts and diagrams, original Henry David Thoreau manuscripts from his Maine Journals (courtesy of the Pierpont Morgan Library), fossils, flora and fauna, and a wide range of other material.

These panels add color and light throughout the corridors. They are also viewed from inside each office, greatly enhancing the work environment. The panels were designed as both part of the larger overall installation, and also to be enjoyed one at a time.

Project photos by Nancy and Jim O'Neil