Projects 2020-2000 > Blue Skies Over Tampa, Tampa International Airport

Blue Skies Over Tampa

Lobby wall at Economy Parking Garage, Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL
Tampa International Airport Public Art Program, Hillsborough County Aviation Authority


Blue Skies Over Tampa is an illuminated glass collage consisting of seven wall-mounted lightboxes. The design is colorful and graphic, but also contains elements to help people feel less stressed while traveling. The project is approximately 4’h x 40’w x 8”d.

Each lightbox features a beautiful photographic skyscape across the top, and a panoramic photo of Tampa across the bottom, hence the name of the piece. In between and overlapping the skyscape and the view of the city is a layered and woven design filled with imagery relating to the Tampa Bay area.

These stained glass panels contain historic photographs, maps and documents that are silkscreened and fired into the glass, along with handpainted animals and plants from the Tampa Bay area. The sandblasted clouds are from actual photos of the Tampa skies. The custom cabinets are printed with historic maps to tie in with the rest of the piece.

Although there are seven separate lightboxes the design has a continuous flow, with color, shapes and patterns that rhythmically move from one panel to the next. This calming, horizontal movement is amplified by the wide panoramic views of the city and by the effect of the blue and white skyscapes that continue across the entire project.

Project photos by Stephen Traves