Projects 2020-2000 > “If we can truly remember, they will not forget.” Miller Williams, “Of History and Hope”

“If we can truly remember, they will not forget.” From Miller Williams’ poem, “Of History and Hope”

University of Central Florida (UCF Downtown)
Orlando, FL


This is a Florida Art in State Buildings project. It is a glass curtain wall installed at the entrance to the Florida Blue Parramore Room on the new downtown campus. The new campus is located in the general area where part of the African American community called Parramore used to be. The overall size of the art glass is 11'6"h x 17’w x ½”d.

The decimation of Parramore began in 1938 and never really stopped – urban renewal, highway construction, etc. I did a lot of research and worked with many people from the community, and came up with a design that honors the past and celebrates peoples’ determination to make a good life for themselves and their families, despite discrimination and adversity.

The design includes historic and contemporary photos, quotes from residents, excerpts from spoken word poetry written by local young people, historic Sanborn maps of the area, listings from the 1960s Negro Orlando Chamber of Commerce booklet, and local plants.

This project involved a great deal of work with and support from the community, for which I am very grateful.

The panels are made out of tempered and laminated float glass with fired in pigments. Fabrication by Peters Glasmalerei.